I have been living in email hell. I know. We all are in email overload hell. But my email hell is of the kind that not long ago, a lot of people I know stopped getting my email. Conversations came to a stand still and I was crying in my beer about why some people didn’t want to talk to me anymore. Then I began to learn, among other things, about email. And one point in particular: DON’T TRUST EMAIL. Now I pick up a phone and call if I don’t hear from someone.

In any case, I started learning a lot about email with the help of some very smart, local IT folks in my life. Here is a very interesting article that Rob Sheldon of No Problem sent to me today. Its important for you to read too. (The comments are interesting too as many expert vie to decide how this really works…. who knows?!)

Email Reputation Causes Penalties in Google Search Results

A number of Web sites hit with falling search rankings in April had several things in common. These sites publish original articles, frequently in the 500+ word range, which is supposed to be a quality benchmark in the way Google values content. They are authored by writers generally considered to be among the leading experts in their field. And all of these Web sites publish email newsletters. I’m part of this group and while it sounds arrogant for me to consider myself an expert, there are a handful of topics I know more about than most other people. Read More

Ruth Schwartz

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