logoI’m reading the new Fast Company Magazine – an article about Hulu and I am disarmed by these lines in the first page;

“Imagine that The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal had gotten together and created Google News. Or that Sony Music and Warner Music Group had introduced iTunes. That’s Hulu, a daring attempt by would-be victims of the digital revolution, NBC Universal and News Corp., the parent company of Fox, to control their content — and their fates.”

Someone save me. Its been said out loud! What was wrong with Sony and WEA that they didn’t do this 10 years ago and handed their fate into the hands of the computer industry?  Even when I sat at the independent content provider intro to itunes in 1996 in Cupertino, I wondered why they allowed this to happen. I also was thrilled that someone- anyone – picked up the gauntlet and moved the industry out of inertia even if for a short time. Apple didn’t solve the music industry’s problems but they did pull us along with them. And now, Hulu with their benefactors at NBC and Fox are an example of facing change head on. Shame on the music industry. You still embarrass me, years after my exit. Way to go.

In this same copy of Fast Company, The Heath Brothers write an article on looking out of your box to solve problems.  It is the same thought as the Hulu article- thanks guys for saying it:

“The biggest barrier to the idea hunt, in fact, may be you. It may never occur to you to start searching because we all commonly keep our thinking penned up within our company or industry.”

Ruth Schwartz

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