Are Your Ready To Reinvent Yourself?

Winter 2012 – Business Tune Up Workshop Series for Business Leaders Sponsored by High Performance Advocates, Sierra Commons and Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce

Tuesday – March 20th 9-11AM

Come spend my birthday with me.  I will guide you through the five steps in one 2 hour workshop for the ridiculously inexpensive  fee of $35. I’ll even buy the cake.

 These are five things that you must think about to start reinventing yourself. Come explore.

  • Why are you on this planet?
  • What have you done for a long time, studied and know a lot about?
  • What do you do really well?
  • What is your story ?
  • How can you package your unique talent?

When you have completed these steps , you will be ready to build your plan.  Best of all, you won’t feel at odds with yourself , your customer or your market. You’ll be refreshed and excited.

Ruth Schwartz

Ruth Schwartz is the author of "The Key to the Golden Handcuffs". She is a high performance business consultant and leadership coach. Connect with Ruth to participate in the conversation. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube .