new style of leadership
The new style of leadership is all about leading from your core values.

Lead with Giants is another group I’m excited about who is changing the definition of leadership. I am glad to support their work towards creating a new movement and a new style of leadership.

Here is their vision statement:

The Vision of the Lead With Giants Community is to create a movement of 10,000 leaders who pledge to be UpLifting Leaders.

We do that by connecting, engaging, serving, learning, and leading one another.

They’ve honored and made me feel included in their community by posting an article of mine that is all about my core value–inclusion!

Values: How You Make Them Feel

There are over 500 chairs set up in a Marriott ballroom. The stage is set. The  spotlights alight the stage. The music is pounding and rhythmic. The doors open.

There is excitement, electric. People stream in. I have a rush of anxiety. Most of us come into the room as strangers. I’m wondering if some of the hundreds of people will become friends and allies. Will this be a welcoming environment designed to connect us, or will this event become another room where I feel alone and left out.

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Ruth Schwartz

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