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Would a business leadership coach help you reboot your business?

If you are like most of the business leaders I coach, you probably feel too busy to do the one thing you really want to do: find some freedom and spaciousness in your life.

Along with your spring cleanse, consider this:

The Business Owner Reboot

The Business Leader Reboot is a full day one-on-one intensive leadership coaching session (or 8 hours -live or virtual- that work for you.)

Be free of the handcuffs that keep you chained to your business.  Feel more focused, and less pressured than you have felt in years.  Create an action plan to improve your relationship to your business and your employees to allow for more spaciousness, better relationships, and better financial results.

Get in touch with me personally to discuss how this could work for you.

  • Be a calm and inspired leader focused on your dreams and unique talents.

  • Shift from managing employees and tasks to working with a self-managing team.

  • Be re-energized about your business and your life.

Who is this for?

Small business owners, CEOs, and executive directors who are frustrated with the day-to-day tasks and employee management.  And are ready to rethink, reframe and return to the passion of their work.


Small business owners, CEOs, and executive directors who are thinking about making a transition within or out of their business, or organization to get more life outside of their business life.

What will we do?

Step 1) Rediscover yourself

Use assessments and processes to investigate your unique ability, behaviors, motivations, instincts, and strengths.  We will explore limiting beliefs that may be holding you hostage. (UA, DISC, PIAV, KOLBE, and StrengthsFinder).

Step 2) Rediscover your passions

Define, possibly redefine, or even remember your vision, core values, purpose, mission, and your noble cause.  We will decide on the beliefs to support your passions.

Step 3) Create Micro Strategies

We will align who you are, and what you want into business, personal, well-being, and financial micro strategies for managing your activities and your energy.

Step 4) Define who you need on your team

Reposition yourself as a powerful leader, learn communication tools, and how to attain and align others within their unique abilities to help you move toward your dreams leading with vision.

Step 5) Create an action and accountability plan

What are the behaviors you need moving forward and how will you be held accountable?

Let’s talk. Get in touch with me personally and let me know a good time to discuss the day.

Cheers to you,


Ruth Schwartz

Ruth Schwartz is the author of "The Key to the Golden Handcuffs". She is a high performance business consultant and leadership coach. Connect with Ruth to participate in the conversation. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube .

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    • personal trainer Ace

      This is Great!

      thank you for your energy, and your presence.

      I love being able to see you in the video, having that authentic Ruth Schwartz connection that is so contagious.

      Just watching this video is inspiring, just imagine if I sign up, what could happen then?

      Ace Morgan Fitness

      • Ruth Schwartz


        I know you are in NYC. I am watch all of your posts and wish I could be at your show. I loved the pic of you and Michael Moore! Let’s talk. Do you want to talk now or when you return? Ruth

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