There are 60 Variations of  Genius but There is No One Like You...

Experience The Leadership Genius Focus Session:  A comprehensive, scientific online tool and a personal debrief that enables business owners, managers, executives and leaders to unlock their own genius and bring out the genius in others.


  • Risk Taker or Risk Avoider?

  • People Influencer or People Dodger?

  • Is your Life a Steady Drumbeat or Improvisational Jazz?

  • A Rule Maker or a Rule Breaker?

Ready to Make Your Life Easier?  Unlock Your Genius and Simplify Your Life

  • Trust Your Research or Trust Your Gut?

  • A Structured Life or a Exploratory Life?

  • Give to Others Relentlessly or Specifically?

  • Power and Influence or a Part of the Collective?

The TriMetrix Leadership Genius Assessment is a comprehensive, scientific online assessment that enables business owners, managers, executives and leaders at any level to understand their behaviors and motivations so that they can unlock their own leadership genius and bring out the genius in others.


Additionally, by identifying the behaviors, drivers, competencies and acumen of individuals and teams any organization can reduce conflicts, increases  retention, improve efficiency and productivity, and energizes groups working together toward common goals.You can have this powerful, TriMetrix combination: Behavior, Drivers, Competencies and Acumen report prepared for you, your employees, partners, and job applicants.


Is a Leadership Focus Session for You?

  • Are you a thoughtful business owner, CEO, or executive who is frustrated with day-to-day task and employee management?

  • Are you a tired manager who needs to stabilize business results?

  • Are you an open minded entrepreneur, or executive director thinking about a transition?

Yup, It's for You

  • Understanding Others

  • Practical Thinking

  • Systems Judgement

  • Self Direction

See what other business professionals  thought of their Leadership Focus Session:

  • “I did the assessment and coaching package to understand my behaviors and the behavior of my assistant. I got so much value out of the session that I booked another with my husband. Ruth helped me to understand how my behavior style is my genius and how to improve the communication I have with my team, at work and at home.” – Joyce Blonskij, Blonskij Financial Services, Inc.

  • “Now I clearly understand how behaviors and motivators are critical aspects of creating a great team in my company. I had a Leadership Genius Session with Ruth  and was blown away by the amount of information and understanding that came from the session. Now I will also use these assessments when I hire and for all of my current employees as well. Simple but powerful.”  William Beachy –

  • “I understand better the strengths and challenges of my behavior style and my staff person’s, and how to best keep me in my ‘genius zone.’ It also allowed me to see who I really need to hire next to support me, my team, and my business. Because of the session, we have created systems to support the roles we play, and results have improved.”  – A.J., Financial Advisor

Are You Ready to Get Started? Here are 2 Ways:

  • The Leadership Focus Session

    More than results from your Trimetrix Leadership Assessment, you’ll get a personal, one-on-one, hour-long debrief with Ruth Schwartz, a business coaching professional. In this hour-long session, Ruth will answer your questions and reveal insights into your behavior as a leader.

    ONLY $195.00 gets you the  Leadership Focus Session PLUS the PRO-fessional debrief.


  • Leadership Genius Quickstart

    Take your leadership and results to an entire new level. Receive both the Trimetrix Assessment and your Leadership Focus Session and add a 60 minute Quickstart Session.  Create an action plan that will enhance your effectiveness and respect as a leader. And, if you decide you want more, roll this price into another coaching package.

    Take advantage of our Leadership Genius Quickstart for ONLY $325.00


This is an investment where you can’t lose. It opens your eyes and there is no closing them.

If you are thinking that this is all baloney like a fortune teller, rest assured that there is a century of research and development in these assessments and that I have been trained and tested my my partner TTI: the world’s leading source for research-based, validated assessment and coaching tools, with their own patented solutions and products that support the discovery, engagement, advancement and performance of our most important assets – people.

And not only do I partner with one of the best originators of these assessments, I am also a PCC (Professionally Certified Coach) through the International Coaching Federation, the only organization striving to bring standards to the coaching industry. I’ve been trained and tested. I continue my education regularly.

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What makes me different:

  • I built a $10 million business.
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  • I’m a  PCC (Professionally Certified Coach) through the International Coaching Federation
  • Trained and Tested Associate of TTI Success Insights

How long will you work hard trying to make your life work? Why wait to find your unique genius and those of people working close to you?

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