Leadership Genius Quick Start

The Leadership Genius Assessment is a comprehensive, scientific online assessment that enables business owners, managers, executives and leaders at any level to understand their behaviors, drivers, capabilities and skills so that they can unlock their own leadership genius and bring out the genius in others.


"Even if you have had a D.I.S.C. assessment before, even if you've had dozens, I highly recommend hiring Ms. Schwartz to take you through it again. That was likely the best spent hour of my month.  The information has become so valuable, not just to my business but also in my personal relationships. The experience is second to none."  - Christine Lusty, LusTea LLC

Ruth Headshot Version-4 Everyone who has ever taken the Leadership Genius Quick Start tells me that it made this assessment pop for them. This one on one session is personal -  is all about you: your behavior, motivations, communication style and leadership genius.

  • A Scientific and Comprehensive 50+ Page Report

    Simply answer a few scientifically-designed questions about your preferences, motivations, and mind set and immediately receive this beautiful, detailed report with descriptions and charts prepared by the best assessment company in the country.

  • Leadership Genius Focus Session

    You’ll get a personal, confidential, one-on-one, hour-long debrief. I won’t be speaking in generalities, we will talk about your results and your genius. In this hour-long session, I will answer your questions and reveal insights into your behavior as a leader.

All this for $195

This is an investment where you can’t lose. It opens your eyes and there is no closing them.

P.S. – If you are thinking that this is all baloney like a fortune teller, rest assured that there is a century of research and development in these assessments and that I have been trained and tested my my partner TTI: the world’s leading source for research-based, validated assessment and coaching tools, with their own patented solutions and products that support the discovery, engagement, advancement and performance of our most important assets – people.

And not only do I partner with one of the best originators of these assessments, I am also a PCC (Professionally Certified Coach) through the International Coaching Federation, the only organization striving to bring standards to the coaching industry. I’ve been trained and tested. I continue my education regularly.


What makes me different:

  • I built a $10 million business.
  • I’m building another $10 million dollar business.
  • I’m a  PCC (Professionally Certified Coach) through the International Coaching Federation
  • Trained and Tested Associate of TTI Success Insights

How long will you wait to find your unique genius and those of people working close to you?

P.P.S: Why let a friend, colleague, manager, employee or partner wait. If you’ve already experienced the insights of this program, tell a friend. Or better yet, gift a friend!

Your friend and coach,

Ruth Schwartz

(The Business Owners’ Coach)

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