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We invited Ruth Schwartz to present, "Its not you. Its the Hiring System that's Flawed", as a breakout session at our recent COSE Annual Small Business Conference. The attendees of that session were engrossed by both the unique material that challenged their thinking and by Ruth's compelling and inclusive presentation style. They walked away with actionable steps and many are putting the material to use, right away. Ruth's session allowed for lots of participation and plenty of Q&A. We'd love to bring her back to present again. " Adina Magda, Event and Program Coordinator,COSE 2014 Small Business Conference

We are thrilled to have invited Ruth Schwartz to present two breakout sessions at our recent eGovLIVE Conference, "Its not you. Its the Hiring System that's Flawed", and "Behavior Assessments Make Better Teams." Not only did she have a lot of unique expertise on these topics that our conference attendees resonated with, she was a captivating speaker that connected well. Both sessions allowed for participation and plenty of Q&A. We'd love to bring her back to present again. -- David Adkins, Emerald Data Solutions, eGovLIVE Conference

Ruth Schwartz has been a presenter and mentor for our business ignitor course. She is an inspirational speaker that gets our classes motivated. She uses her life long business experience to discuss  how to keep focused. It is an entertaining and inspirational presentation. Ruth comes back and holds a sales workshop where she builds as many sales funnels in the time allowed. It is always illuminating for our students. We always get good reviews on Ruth's sessions and plan on continuing to have her participation.   --Brian Gillings,  Sierra Commons Board of Directors, Ignitor course facilitator and presenter

One of the best speakers we have had was Ruth Schwartz. What a dynamic speaker she is! I love how she engaged with the audience, the eye content, the whole presentation was captivating. The information she shared was very interesting and any person in business could learn how to deal with different personality types to increase sales. Most everyone was taking notes and totally present with her. I would take a workshop with her and I would never hesitate to recommend her. Thank you for bringing her to our chapter! --Debi Gaul, HeartfeltHands, EWomen Sacramento


Ruth Schwartz spent 25 years in the music industry: 10 years on the radio, owned a publishing company, a syndicated radio program, producing records, and running a mail order company. In 1983, Ruth started and built a $10 Mil distribution company called Mordam Records. Today, Ruth is an PCC certified, business leadership coach, motivational speaker, and author of the book, The Key to the Golden Handcuffs: Stop Being a Slave to Your Business.  She owns High Performance Advocates, a management and leadership development company, is certified in over four assessment sciences and is the creator of the Fail Proof Hiring Program.

"I help help leaders to identify and articulate their unique leadership genius and then create the organization, team and life they truly want."