A marketing expert told me emphatically, “You must connect with other people’s blogs if you want to grow your influence.”

OK. So I started a campaign to get as many guest blog posts as I can. Guess what? It worked. But here’s the issue: Now that I am so busy writing for other blogs, I hardly have time for my own. But I decided to show you the fruit of my labor anyway. Ready?

The Prosperity ConversationI love Switch and Shift – Part 1

On this site, leadership authors, speakers and consultants Shawn Murphy and Ted Coiné have combined their blogs to amplify their message.

There’s a better way to do business. Better from the human side. Better from the customer side. And as it turns out, better from the profit side as well. This blog is dedicated to exploring that better way.

Here is the first article of mine that they published. Be sure to comment and join in the conversation.

The Prosperity Conversation

You may run into a few people of any age who will tell you they are following their dreams and their passions, but the majority of the working population will tell you that they work for the paycheck. Money is the object.

Now ask the same people if they believe that they are paid fairly compared to their employers’ pay and profits. Here’s the problem with this question: in most companies, people don’t know what the C-level managers and the boss are paid. They don’t know or understand how profits are derived, or how their own pay is represented in the big picture. What they will tell you is that they believe their own pay is not a fair slice. Read more . . .

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Ruth Schwartz

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