Business Leader Mastermind GroupFind new solutions with a High Performance Business Leader Mastermind Group.

Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, used this definition of Master Mind:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

Since the publication of Think and Grow Rich in 1937, the idea of mastermind groups has grown and evolved to become a staple tool of successful individuals.

Are you a business leader? The benefits of having a supportive mastermind group as a business leader are plenty:

1. You have a group of people available to help you succeed.

2. You get the benefit of differing perspectives, input and feedback.

3. Your mastermind team can bring resources and connections to the table you might not have had on your own.

4. You receive accountability and inspiration from the group, thus enabling you to maintain focus in achieving your goals.

Put simply, mastermind groups help business leaders help one another by sharing their experience, success, and even their tougher lessons. Mastermind meetings provide a supportive environment that triggers ideas, offers diverse perspectives, and builds confidence. Members guide one another to make better business decisions and to stay on track.

What is a High Performance Mastermind Group?

High Performance Mastermind Groups match you to a group of 6-7 other business owners for monthly virtual meetings of a couple of hours. The other members own or manage businesses that are not in your industry and are not competitors but they will be matched to you by the size of their business and staff with experience they have.

High Performance Mastermind Groups are focused on the needs of the members. The members are people who are interested in building businesses and their own leadership with one goal in mind: to free themselves from the day to day task management of their business and accomplish their greater dreams and goals in life. They are using the elements and practices of The Key to the Golden Handcuffs and developing their leadership skills.

High Performance Mastermind Groups are much more than group coaching. High Performance Mastermind Groups are  facilitated group meetings where everyone can learn, share, grow and hold each other accountable using all the talents of the group, not just the facilitator.

Are you a business leader and owner? Do you want to take your business, leadership skills, communication systems to the next level? Do you want to free yourself from the handcuffs that bind you to your business and are you ready to open the books, tie compensation to the profitability of your business, and create an amazing business culture? Then a High Performance Mastermind Group is for you.

How can High Performance Mastermind help me as a business leader?

A mastermind group is similar to an informal board of directors. Each month you’ll meet with your own group to share your experiences and expertise for the benefit of the group. The result of these leadership  sessions is honest, objective feedback to your most challenging issues as a business leader.

During these invaluable  sessions, business owners and leaders typically discover incredible opportunities to grow their business and enhance the executive development of their teams. By following the concepts of The Key to the Golden Handcuffs, the feedback from fellow leaders in a business mentoring environment can literally change your perspective on your business—in turn allowing you to become more successful, and free yourself to better enjoy your life. The meetings are also led by an experienced facilitator and trained coach who understands the concepts and materials that will best move you forward.

Who will be my fellow Mastermind members?

In order to qualify for membership, each member must be the prime decision-maker within their team. High Performance Mastermind members lead companies that don’t compete with other members of the group. This ensures that you’ll receive expert business mentoring and leadership development advice from individuals in an open, honest atmosphere and with a proven success record.

How will High Performance Mastermind help improve my company?

Members are from non-competing businesses and are not locked into your way of thinking. They can help you think outside the box. During these business mentoring sessions, members will learn to view situations from a broader perspective and avoid mistakes by learning how peers solved similar problems. The diversity of backgrounds in each group which will allow each member’s to accelerate its learning curve on the opportunities and challenges facing your company.

How much does it cost to become a member of  High Performance Mastermind?

What does it cost you not to become a member of High Performance Mastermind?  Get signed up for a strategy session and we’ll figure out what’s best together.

What is the role of the Facilitator?

Aside from facilitating the virtual mastermind meeting, Ruth Schwartz will meet with each member for private coaching sessions between the sessions-and constantly monitor the progress you are making in accomplishing the goals you establish when you join. You’ll discuss your goals, issues, and your executive development strategy and create an action plan to achieve your vision. Additionally, the facilitator assists in helping the group prioritize and sequence your strategies into a logical planning process, as well as holding you accountable for the implementation of strategies recommended by the group and accepted by you to improve your business and leadership skills.

But my business is unique, how is leadership coaching and mastermind going to help with my product or service?

The reason you are in the business you are in is because you are an expert in that particular niche. However, 75-80 percent of the opportunities and challenges in your business have nothing to do with the product you are selling or the service you are providing. Most business challenges today are about the management of your employees, developing and maintaining leadership, development strategy, managing your cash flow, taking advantage of new technologies and—most importantly—the effective use of your time as the leader of your company. It is finding new solutions to these problems that High Performance Mastermind can help to accelerate your success and profitability.

Can I just have leadership coaching and not be in a Mastermind Group?

You can jump start by scheduling a series of leadership coaching sessions. While it is not required that you join a group, once you see how the coaching model accelerates your leadership skills and business growth, you will most likely be invited to join a High Performance Mastermind Group. You can decide at that time, but your forward motion toward freedom and prosperity will race into high gear once you take advantage of the full program. High Performance Leadership Coaching

Ask about attending a sample meet and greet session. We offer both local and virtual groups.