While working on my upcoming book, I went looking for more info on Generation Z, the oldest of whom  are turning 17 or 18 this year… We thought we weren’t ready for Gen Why, get ready gang, we still have work to do to make great workplaces.

Generation Z Kids and the Corporate Disconnect

While companies have come a long way in terms of embracing the Internet and new media – they still are decades behind what Generation Z kids will expect from their future employer. We decided to see just how far apart Generation Z kids are from the corporate environment they will soon enter – and have chosen to highlight five facts and five corporate disconnects. Read More

Meet Generation Z

They’d rather text than talk. They prefer to communicate online — often with friends they have never met. They don’t spend much time outdoors unless adults organize activities for them. They can’t imagine life without cell phones. They have never known a world without technology or terrorism or Columbine. They prefer computers to books and want instant results. They are growing up in an economic depression and are under tremendous pressure to succeed. Mostly they are growing up fast, and exhibiting behavior far beyond their years.

Sound familiar? They are Generation Z — the students at your school.  Read More

3 Ways Companies Can Reach Generation Z

Generation Z is the most disruptive generation in modern history. Instead of waiting for ideas to filter through the generations that came before, Generation Z-ers are tastemakers — often before they’re out of elementary school. Social media has demolished all barriers to communicating about brands and products. If you can write, you can share, and Generation Z is all about sharing. Read More

Ruth Schwartz

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