I’ve never kept a public diary. I’m actually not keen on private diaries either. But a 21 day intensive training is begging for it. I have decided to be brave and let you know what I am experiencing. For better or worse. Your comments are welcome.

Academy of Coaching and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) is owned by Helen Attridge who lives near me in Nevada City, CA. This is one of a few international, master certifying coaching schools recognized by the International Coaching Federation the singular international group trying to bring legitimacy to the “coaching” profession. A.C.N. is one of the only schools that combines coaching with NLP. Surely I will find out more about that, right?

Helen and I have become friends and while discussing how we could work together she highly recommends that I become certified. This will require 125 hours of training, 750 hours of paid work, some mentoring and finally testing by the ICF. I agree. Am I, in effect a “fake” coach? This process seems important. This is what leads me to sign up for her 21 day summer intensive program in Corte Madera. Game on.

Day One:

There are18 attendants from all over the world. There are plenty of Californians but there are also midwesterners, southerners, and Hawaiians. There are Canadians, Dutch, Swiss, an Egyptian, and a Swede. This is the beginning of 21 days. I know that we will be transformed and that we will get to know each other well. But I start out a bit unprepared and not separated from my life. I drive to Corte Madera wondering how I will endure 21 days and how I will maintain my other work obligations.

As I sit through Helen’s introduction I begin to get excited. This evening there is a meet and greet where I find out that I already meet the Professional requirements for hours. I can, after mentoring and test passing, become a PCC (Professional Certified Coach.)

Then I drive off to spend my first night with Mykel Board’s cousin Shirley who has graciously offered her spare room in San Anselmo. Cousin Shirley and Ron are awesome! Mykel is my savior again.

Ruth Schwartz

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