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Leaders, Executives and Entrepreneurs Inspire Prosperity for Humanity in this Millennium.

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What Can You Expect From Coaching?

  • Principle #1

    Compensate Based on the Profitability of Your Company

    Stop wondering about how to compensate your employees.

    The big secret:  Stop sweating the bottom line and handling the burden alone, run your business together as a team and make more money.


  • Principle #2

    Teach Your Team to Think

    One of the most common question that I hear from business leaders is, “How do I motivate my employees?”

    The big secret: Don’t. Motivation is an inside job. Instead, let them in on decision-making, problem solving and thinking. That is motivational.

  • Principle #3

    Your Business – Your Values – Your Way

      Don’t let anyone tell you what is right for you and your business. Invent yourselves to serve  your mission.

    The big secret:  Asking people to work in meaningful ways is inspiring for everyone.

For over twenty years I ran a successful company that opened the books. I didn’t know there was a name for it. I didn’t know that anyone else did it. It just made sense to me. Once a month, we’d gather around to scrutinize the financial statements. And you know what? We got good at it. We solved problems, made decisions, and made money.

Once we made enough money, it made sense to share it. It was obvious to all of us that when everyone on the team owned that profit, their level of concern, motivation, elation, and interaction deepened.

It’s been thirteen years since I sold that company.  I studied others who are teaching Open Book Management: The Great Game of Business, Zingtrain, Brad Hams, and Open Book Coaching.

As an ICF certified coach working with many companies and entrepreneurs. I want to teach and coach these principles. Over the years I have been dismissed, ignored and ridiculed. Until lately. Clients started asking about it. And I started to think: it is time!

Entrepreneurs are looking for new models. And this model allows for individuality and creativity. Open Book Management can change our relationship to work, money and each other.  It is time for a Prosperity Revolution.

This is my contribution, lovingly, to  help others prosper by being an Open Book Management Coach.

I'd Rather Poke My Eye Out Than Read My Financial Statements

This is a direct quote from a business owner about how much he hated numbers. Do you understand the numbers of your business? It is ok if you don't. That just
means it is time to learn. If you think you've got a handle on those numbers, get ready to position yourself to teach others. This is the next step to creating a more prosperous, transparent company.

Teach the Numbers

I've been pressing upon you the need to NOT be a manager and to be a leader. But in order to be transparent and create a business that works without you, I'm going to ask you to take on the role of a mentor and a teacher.

In this video, I will discuss how to teach the numbers in your business now that you understand them yourself. This is not a rhetorical exercise. This is a clear and proven path to being free of the daily task management in your business. Check it out.

Do You Know Everything About Your Business?

What you notice and what employees notice in your business can be completely different things. However, a typical business practice is for management to chose a few relevant financial and industry indicators, and build goals around them. This is a good practice.

But to create a transparent, open-book company, everyone contributes and understands how they can impact the results. I've created a perfect example for you in this video

Open Book Management Coaching

High Performance Advocates offers personalized and individualized coaching and consulting for you and your team. No classes. No conferences. No travel.  No formulas. Personal, affordable support toward making your vision a reality.

What Will We Do?

  • What is OBM Coaching?

    Learn key principles: your numbers,  key performance indicators, creating systems and game creation strategies.


  • Where Do We Start?

    Helping to establish your vision, core values and systems. Identifying obstacles and strategies to manage them as they arise.  


  • How Long Will it Take?

    We will hold you and your team accountable to your goals by giving the support you need to keep motivated and moving forward for the long term. Or, as long as you want. 

Let the Games Begin

Business development games were "invented" by Jack Stack at the Great Game of Business.

While lots of us are on the streets teaching business to employees by playing games, Jack perfected the art. Here are some games I've seen played:

How Do You Pay People?

If you worry that you can't pay people enough money, that once you give a raise you can never go back, or that commissions are undoing your team spirit, think about tying compensation to the
profitability of your business in the form of a profit share and watch people have an impact.

What Other Choices Do You Have?

  • What Other Programs are Available?

    You can spend up to six figures in some of the other available programs. You know what? They might be worth it. But you can get personalized support for much less.


  • Can I Do This Myself?

    You can buy the books, attend some classes and do it yourself. Many have been successful that way. However, when obstacles occur, and they will, what is your plan to handle them?



  • Do I Really Need This?

    You can continue to cynically not make any changes in your business even though you dream of a better way. My friend, life is too short to not make the impact you dream of making.

Open Book Management Coaching

The goal is to be the most affordable Open Book Management coach available.


The ten session “get started” coaching package typically costs $1995 but if you take the survey, schedule a conversation and buy the package now, you'll get the same package for $1595. That is a $400 savings off an already ridiculously inexpensive investment in your future.  (PS: The package is self-paced.)

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