Hire Your Dream Employees-

I woke up one morning and knew that it is imperative to
revolutionize the way we hire people.

Looking for a job is second only to prison time. It is not a lot of fun on the hiring side of the desk either. Consequently, hiring decisions are often based on gut instinct and not on who is the best candidate because we can’t know who is the best candidate.

The Hiring Process is Flawed

  • Resumes tell us how well an applicant prepares a resume.
  • Interviews tell us how well someone interviews.
  • Decisions about hiring are often based on gut instinct not who is the best candidate.

This has created a spiral of bad hiring choices. We either tolerate
the choice or we decide to do without the help. In order to grow your business and  be free
of  day-to-day task management we must solve this. If you don’t it is natural to actually tighten your grip on your tasks. Additionally, a lot of time is wasted in the hiring process. Would you like to weed out all the people who are definitely NOT right for your job ?

Think about the time you waste doing the following:

  • Reading and sorting unqualified resumes.
  • Calling to set up interviews.
  • Interviewing unqualified candidates.
  • Talking to people you really don’t want to talk to.
  • Not having a clear decision process.

Would you rather interview the people you already know you want to hire and ignore the rest?

I have created and installed a multiple part automated hiring process for many companies and achieved terrific results. Not only will you lessen your work load, you will find out:

  • How well someone follows directions.
  • How well someone communicates.
  • If they can manage software and technology.
  • If someone has the minimum skills necessary for your job.
  • If they are determined to work at your company.

Here is how The Fail Proof Hiring Program works:

1) The Automated Hiring Blueprint

Classified Ad: A prospect sees a job ad in a spot identified to get your best response. (IE Craig’s List, Local Paper, Facebook, free job board, website.) At the end of the short ad they are asked to send a resume to an dedicated email address.

Webpage 1: This email address sends back an auto responder that thanks them for their resume and directs them to a Webpage. The webpage has a description of the job opening they are applying for. At the end of the description they are given a link to a survey.

Survey:  Here they will see a questionnaire of five essay questions that are the type of questions one would expect at the start of an interview. They are designed to make them talk about themselves and test their ability to write. At the end of the survey they are directed to a second webpage.

WebPage 2: This webpage thanks them for completing the survey and directing them to download a skills quiz in a Word document. This is a simple 8-10 question, skills quiz that addresses the basic skills necessary in your available job. These questions are not essay questions. They have one correct answer. At the end of the quiz they are asked to email it to a second email address.

Assessment: Print the resume, the survey, and the skills quiz. If they closely meet the benchmark, contact this prospect for a preinterview phone conversation. If you still like them, send them DISC Behaviors and Attitude / Motivators assessments and set up an interview.

The Interview:  The beauty of this process is that so much of it is automated. You can pay limited attention to it until a qualified person comes through the screening process and has completed many steps. By the time you actually are called to take any action, you already know a lot about them, if they fit your benchmark and whether they are worth your time. The end result, a better hire.

And because it is automated, you will always have qualified people in your pipeline

2) Job Behavior Benchmarking Blueprint

We can create job productivity and satisfaction when we take the time to benchmark the job. The small amount of time it takes, pays off handsomely in terms of turnover and happiness. Simply stated, it puts the right person in the right job.

Benchmarking allows us to take a dive into the nuances of the job before we hire, promote or develop employees in our businesses. The most important part of this process is to look at the job and not at the people. Metaphorically speaking, we create the hole and then fit in the peg. When we take the personality out of the process and focus on how the job should be done, we are setting ourselves and employees up for success.

First we look at the job by defining these criteria:

  • Key Accountabilities
  • Personal Skills
  • Required Behaviors
  • Desired Attitudes or Motivators

Then we rank each of these criteria by:

  • Importance
  • Time Allocation

When we complete this process, we create a benchmark. While no one person will match exactly to the benchmark, we’ve seen bad hires avoided and with patience, aiming to be as close to the benchmark as we possibly can, great hires happen. Ask yourself this, what would your business look like if your employees were successful, productive and happy in their jobs

3) Employee Behavior Blueprint

Using DISC behavior and PIAV Motivational Assessments, we match the right person to benchmark you prepared for the job. Even if you don’t make the exact match, you know exactly what you are getting and how that person will work for you.

I had the honor of being the first business owner to use Ruth’s automated hiring application process. I had had many unsuccessful hiring experiences before that time and I was wary of even hiring any more people even though I knew I needed to get good people in place. Ruth knows what she is doing when it comes to hiring the right person for the position you need filled. 

Not only did I hire someone perfect for me and the job opening, but that person has lasted and grown with my company where others haven’t. I highly recommend using this system and Ruth’s help. I got the correct person in the correct job.  Thanks so much Ruth! ”  Christina Hills, WebsiteCreationWorkshop

Contact Ruth Schwartz  or call: 530 288-0180 to get started with your best hire ever.