S1100012Ruth’s presentation was right on the mark.  The advisors heard what she said about creating value propositions for their clients , appreciated her coaching, and completely enjoyed her words of wisdom.  They all wanted to know when we were going to have her back again!”

-Marsha A. Vacca, President, NAIFA Northern California



Welcome to the Business 2.0 Revolution
The world is calling for our authenticity, transparency and creativity. As business leaders how can we become less overwhelmed and clearer about where to focus?  This presentation covers the five steps that will unlock the handcuffs that hold us hostage as business leaders and the practice that will help us all become the leader we know we can be. “The Key to the Golden Handcuffs” will remind you that as today’s leaders, we can intuitively create authentic, rewarding, and successful work that frees us and anyone who works with us.

  • Bust the three biggest management myths that hold us hostage
  • Change the language that divides “management and labor” and create a new language of alignment.
  • Create excitement, high performance and an authentic, transparent workplace of your own design.
  • How to tie compensation to the profitability of your business creates epic results


Fail Proof Hiring

Why have we changed everything in our business except how we hire, especially when the way we hire doesn’t work? We use resumes and interviews that simply don’t give us the information we need to hire.  Ultimately we rely on our gut instinct that costs between 150% to 300% of annual salary for every person that turns over in your company.  It is time to rethink this process. In this presentation, Ruth describes how we can change our system to enable us to:

  • Know what your business really uniquely needs and how to align the right person in the right job
  • Automate the process and eliminate 80% of the work and the bad candidates
  • Understand why Behavior and Attitude are so important and how to hire accordingly


The Village Prospers 
Collaboration is the Business Revolution. That means that you are free to design your business exactly the way you want to and that the world is calling on your collaborative creativity.  “The Village Prospers” will remind you that we are stronger together than we are apart and give you the tools you need to be the leader we need today.

You will gain clarity about why:

  • Strategic thinking will escalate your business.
  • Managing energy is more important than managing time.
  • Collaboration will help you prosper.
  • The world is looking for your unique genius
  • Having a great business requires great leadership


Why High Performance Teams Work 
In this fun and interactive workshop, you will create a model factory using a traditional, industrial business model. This model is similar to that of the 97% of organizations that don’t last more than 5 years. We then create the same factory, but using the High Performance model. Not only will you learn the skills and tools to turn your organization into a high-performing one but you will see why revenue and job satisfaction soars for those who create high-performing teams.  (Requires 3 hours)

  • Learn why High Performance creates better outcomes and satisfaction in your business
  • Learn the difference between top down management styles and collaborative process
  • Untap the creative potential of your employees
  • Create a happy company culture while you improve profits.
  • “Ruth is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She is confident and has the ability to create active participation. The time was well spent and a valuable experience.” Lou Wilson, Isagenix International
  • We are pleased with our decision to bring in Ruth Schwartz of High Performance Advocates to do innovative and interesting workshops on the topics of Effective Meetings and Team Building. We received great feedback from the participants at the workshops. We look forward to having Ruth back in the fall. Ruth is a natural choice for training on any management or team issues you may be facing. – Catherine Wilson  Nonprofit Resource Center, Sacramento
  • “Not only did I learn how to empower my employees but I learned how to empower myself to be an empowerer.” Glenn Harvey, Sierra Cinemas
  • “This plan can be used on a daily basis for personal or business. A great experience with great people.”Dave Parmenter, California Hardware Products, Inc
  • Comments from members of the —Sacramento Non-Profit Center about “Setting Performance Expectations”:
  • “Ruth was Great! I have attended a workshop with this presenter before and really like her. Well presented information: good mix of visual information, written notes and class participation. The participation was good even for shy people; it did not put anyone on the spot. Would love if the following workshops were offered again soon: How to manage, motivate, and communicate with people under the age of 30, The Reluctant Manager, and Empowering Employees. Awesome”
  • Thank you so much for doing your fantastic presentation on “Generation Why”. Everyone commented on what a wonderful presentation it was and also what a terrific speaker you are. Please keep in touch and you are welcome down to OLLI anytime to re-give this speech or any others you may want to do. Thanks again, – Jim Kashiwada , CSU Fullerton OLLI Curriculum Committee Co-Leader




Contact me for more information at: ruth@highperformanceadvocates.com