Add this to the “things you need to learn the hard way” category but my poor, poor, website has has a miserable summer.

The good part is that many people notified me last week that my website was sick. Either I have really great friends or many site visitors. Hope it is both.

The bad news is that it was REALLY sick.

Here is the story as I understand it. A few months ago someone or something hacked into my site. The best local minds went to work , restored it and told me that it was a weakness with WordPress.

Lesson: Seems you need to do your upgrades regularly.

A month later my site was hacked again. Files everywhere! But this time the verdict was that there many people are finding their hosts at fault.

The lesson: change hosts.

A few weeks later, my host shuts me down because someone tries to hack me.

Lesson: have an advocate that can talk to these guys. (Not my fault!)

Last week I woke to emails telling me that Google had put a big, hairy, scary, red warning across my pages. It seems that a virus had entered my site via the passcode and taken my site to its knees requiring a week’s worth of cleanup to fix.

The lesson: Protect your ridiculously complicated passcodes.

What’s next poor,poor website?

I wish that my site were important or controversial enough to deserve this attention.  But at least I can say that my website is healthy and safe today and I hope you will visit it.  But If this had been my husband, my kid or my dog I would be a wreck right now.

The lesson: Its just a website.


Ruth Schwartz

Ruth Schwartz is the author of "The Key to the Golden Handcuffs". She is a high performance business consultant and leadership coach. Connect with Ruth to participate in the conversation. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube .

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    • Allan Himmelstein

      I think this is great. Bad PR is better than no PR. What an attention grabber. Brilliant reverse marketing. All the best.


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