Professional Coaching Commonly Asked Questions

Can you help me?

Every professional believes that they can help you.  We do too.  The consulting model is based on telling you, doing for you and mentoring you. Sometimes it is appropriate in a professional coaching arrangement to ask for consulting services.

The professional coaching model is based on the understanding that you are smart, creative and whole. By asking deep and provocative questions, your coach can help you to discover what is right for you and how you will best implement. The way you think, feel and act is based on what you choose. We believe that  methodology creates better and more innovative outcomes with enduring results. Along side you we can help. But in reality, it is up to you.

What do you do?

HPA professional coaching believes in looking at you and your business on many levels: environmentally, financially, operationally, behaviorally, skills and talents, identity, beliefs and values. By taking the time to explore, develop and align to your purpose and core values, you will then be able to create strategies that are in alignment. By being strategically aligned, you create plans and goals that make sense and get results. Clients have used HPA professional coaching to adjust course, examine roadblocks such as beliefs and threats in order to accomplish their dreams, make transitions, improve sales and marketing, build teams and make more money. Additionally,  we are huge believers in mastermind groups that leverage groups of smart, able business leaders to add tremendous tribal value to professional coaching. We offer facilitated mastermind groups and find great success for members of those groups.

What does it cost?

There are a number of ways to pay for professional coaching services. After years of experimentation, we have found that a six month commitment is the very best way. It gives you enough time to establish new rituals, thoroughly examine issues and problems, discover new tools, and begin to understand the benefits you are receiving. That is why HPA professional coaching offers a program that significantly discounts payment for six months at a time. If you are unable to pay for six months, there is a month by month or quarter by quarter auto payment available.  Professional coaching is available on an as needed basis and by the hour if you choose to explore that solution. High Performance Advocates pricing is on the Stuff to Buy page. If you don’t see what you want there, just ask.

How long does it take?

The answer to this question is as personal as you are. What we set to accomplish in the first quarter is figuring out what the “it” is so that you are addressing the right issue.  Some people come to professional coaching to solve a specific issue and find their solution in a couple of months. Some people come to professional coaching to support them personally and professionally for the long haul. As a coach, my experience is that professional coaching is ongoing. We always benefit from having a professional who rides shotgun, asks bold questions and gives feedback that your friends or even business professionals such as accountants and attorneys won’t give. The answer to this question is, however, as long as you are getting value.

What education do you have?

First and foremost I have been a business owner for my whole adult life. I was a partner for what I can now call a media collaborative, Maximum Rock n Roll for 8 years starting when I was 20 years old. I founded a music distribution company called Mordam Records when I was 23 and it grew to be a $10mil company. Since 2006  I operate as High Performance Advocates a presentation, professional coaching and consulting company as well as the home of Fail Proof Hiring. I know as much as anyone about what fortitude it takes to start, grow and maintain a business. I totally understand all of the elements, the emotions and learning that it takes you through. This is what differentiates HPA from other professional coaching.

What we do best is work with leaders and teams to grow results. We value the collaborative process and are ongoing students of that process.

As for formal education, here are Ruth’s credentials:

  • California State University- San Francisco – BA, Broadcast Communications Arts
  •  360 Solutions- High Performance Organizational Design
  • The Alternative Board- Certified Facilitator of Peer Advisory Boards
  •  Academy of Coaching and NLP- International Coaching Certification / PCC level
  • Product Launch Formula- Internet Marketing
  •  CultureSync- Tribal Leadership Intensive

What is your best professional coaching success story?

  1. An attorney that works three days a week and enjoys life again.
  2. An IT company who raised their team’s billable hours from 40% to 90%.
  3. A bookkeeping company owner who struggled to pay her rent, went back to school, got her CPA and branched into her dream of accounting forensics and built a team of able bookkeepers.
  4. A sales speaker who was exhausted by doing everything himself successfully hired a second in command so that he can create programs for his business.
  5. A civil engineer stuck in his business discovered he had the “wrong people on the bus.” He now travels 50% of the year allowing his newly developed team to manage the business.
  6. A sales trainer who thought he’d wind down his business, published a book with a major publisher, broke his first million, and created a value based business he never imagined he would.


  1. An insurance broker was walking away from the family business but changed his leadership role and loves his business again.
  2. An ISP, already to shut down, beaten up by lost grant funding developed a success plan that identified who were the right partners for them and are completing a multi-million dollar infrastructure plan in their local community.…..

Where do you work?

I live in the Sierra Foothill community of Nevada City, CA. It is a beautiful stretch of the gold rush country in the Tahoe National Forest, surrounded by rivers, lakes, streams and trees. I am very active in my community and work with many local businesses. Nevada City is approximately 75 miles north-east of Sacramento and 200 miles north-east of the San Francisco Bay. All of those areas are personally  accessible for me if you want face time for professional coaching, facilitating group meetings, presentations or mastermind groups.  However, I have internet access and phone service. I work with clients all over the continent by phone, Skype and Google Hangout which make me virtually available wherever you are and in any platform you prefer and for as many people as you like.

Will you tell me what to do?

There are different ways to answer this question. Some people desperately want me to tell them what to do. Others cringe at the idea that I would.  Here is my answer: you have all of the answers in you. It is my job to bring them out. Unless you specifically ask me for a referral, a resource, training or  consultation, I will not tell you what to do.  I will ask you the questions that illuminate the answers, even if the answer is to find the people and places to help you. There are times when I offer an opinion, feedback, a reflection, a reminder. But I am not there to create the answer for you or to have you do things my way.  This is not one size fits all. This is about you, what you need and what you want.

What do you know about my industry?

I may know something or I may not. From my perspective it is not that important and I’ll tell you why. This is about you creating strategically aligned goals and actions that get you what you want. Your industry may have specific challenges that affect your strategy but I can keep up. The work you will do with a leadership coach is about how you handle those challenges, not my knowing the solutions to your problems. That said, I do have a lot of business experience along with professional coaching experience. Only about a tenth of the issues and challenges that come up in any business are related to industry. Most are related to: finances, law, operations, human resources, sales, marketing, and systems. These are present in all of our companies.

How can High Performance Mastermind help me?

A mastermind group is similar to an informal board of directors. Each month you’ll meet with your own group to share your experiences and expertise for the benefit of the group. The result of these leadership  sessions is honest, objective feedback to your most challenging leadership issues.

During these invaluable  sessions, business owners and leaders typically discover incredible opportunities to grow their business and enhance the executive development of their teams. By following the concepts of The Key to the Golden Handcuffs, the feedback from fellow leaders in a business mentoring environment can literally change your perspective on your business—in turn allowing you to become more successful, and free yourself to better enjoy your life.

The meetings are also led by an experienced facilitator and trained coach who understands the concepts and materials that will best move you forward.

Who will be my fellow Mastermind members?

In order to qualify for membership, each member must be the prime decision-maker within their team. High Performance Mastermind members lead companies that don’t compete with other members of the group. This ensures that you’ll receive expert business mentoring and leadership development advice from individuals in an open, honest atmosphere and with a proven success record.

How will High Performance Mastermind help improve my company?

Members are from non-competing businesses and are not locked into your way of thinking. They can help you think outside the box. During these business mentoring sessions, members will learn to view situations from a broader perspective and avoid mistakes by learning how peers solved similar problems. The diversity of backgrounds in each group which will allow each member’s to accelerate its learning curve on the opportunities and challenges facing your company.

But my business is unique, how is leadership coaching and mastermind going to help with my product or service?

The reason you are in the business you are in is because you are an expert in that particular niche. However, 75-80 percent of the opportunities and challenges in your business have nothing to do with the product you are selling or the service you are providing. Most business challenges today are about the management of your employees, developing and maintaining a leadership, development strategy, managing your cash flow, taking advantage of new technologies and—most importantly—the effective use of your time as the leader of your company. It is finding new solutions to these problems that High Performance Mastermind can help to accelerate your success and profitability.

Can I just have leadership coaching and not be in a Mastermind Group?

You can jump start by scheduling a series of leadership professional coaching sessions. While it is not required that you join a group, once you see how the professional coaching model accelerates your leadership skills and business growth, you will most likely be invited to join a High Performance Mastermind Group. You can decide at that time, but your forward motion toward freedom and prosperity will race into high gear once you take advantage of the full program.