Stop Managing and Start Communicating
The key to managerial success is to stop managing and start communicating with your team.

Stop managing and start communicating with your team.

I just learned from a friend that ownership of tasks may be the missing component of managerial success.  As I heard it explained, if you are able to establish someone’s commitment to deliver and really own it, then that is the secret sauce.  It is not that I disagree, but I think the psychology of why we are good at our jobs, great at our jobs, or lousy at our jobs has both specific reasons and hidden, unarticulated reasons.

I learned about these unarticulated reasons from my mentor Roger Allen, a master at communicating.  I have since updated his teachings based on what I have witnessed in the workplace.  That is how the 7 Steps of Alignment was born.  It is a conversation, a script, if you will, using a vocabulary to unbury and articulate what may be hidden—including ownership.  Darn . . . it may have to become the 8 Steps of Alignment . . .

Enjoy the video: The 7 Rules of Alignment

I’m attaching the handout to go along with theThe 7 Rules of Alignment. I hope this helps you stop managing and to build the ritual of conversation. And, as always, tell me your takeaways and thoughts in the comments below.

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      very valuable information. great video 🙂

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      Thanks Sabrina. I’d love to know what you liked best.

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