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“I Need a Marketing Plan!” Workshop

“I Need a Marketing Plan!” Workshop

What should you do and what shouldn’t you do? How do you know if it is working? How much should you spend? Prepare the right plan for you and get ready for results.

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Who Did I See at the Nevada County Fair?

This is Nevada County’s biggest event of the year and I almost didn’t go. Why? I hate the midway! When I made the commitment to meet my son there on Friday evening I set my intention to see my friends in booths! That made my evening so worthwhile. Thanks for the ride in the Ferris Wheel, Kelly!

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Wow- TAB Member makes headlines

I opened up my mail this morning and here is an announcement right from the Grass Valley Chamber updates newletter. Way to go Stan!

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“Me and My Blog” Workshop moved to Wednesday June 22

This workshop is important for anyone who:

wants to start to post videos to promote their company
wants to use a blog to improve their search engine results
wants to practice the simple act of pushing the “publish” button.

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Disc Behavior Assessments and Motivators Reports Available Here

I did it. I finally trained and became a distributor or DISC Behavior and Motivator assessments.

Here are some great things you can do with these assessments:

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Alice Halpern, masseuse, numerologist and minstral

And member of BNI…
She’s been coming to The Alternative Board’s workshops and here she is saying nice things about them. I’ve been on her massage table a few glorious times as well. She is one heck of a positive person to be around. Thanks Alice.

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Seth McCoy of McCoy & Bielenbert, Inc. and member of BNI

Seth and I met for a cup of coffee and instead of talking about furnaces he told me about how sensitive he is to the fact that most of the ducting in restaurants is beyond unhealthful. He went on to say that if you can see the vents in the bathroom leading to the restaurant area, don’t eat the food as the air is contaminated. I see that he was much more than just your average HVAC guy. He’s a HVAC freak! And one smart, caring guy.

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How do Professionals Get More Business?

Just like we forget to ASK for the sale, many of us have a bad habit of wanting referrals but not actually ASKing for them. So I push others as well as myself to develop a referral program and then, ASK for the referral.

I am coaching an attorney (or two) and I find that they, along with financial planners and CPAs are looking for more – let me say – dignified ways to grow their businesses, especially their referral business.

Here is an interesting post from Toplawyercoach.com about asking for referrals. I like it!

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Carrie Ann Smith, Acupuncturist and BNI Member

Carrie Ann Smith is in the Grass Valley Chapter of BNI a local networking group. She reluctantly recorded this video for me but later stood up at BNI to say that before she joined this networking group, she would never have been brave enough to speak about her business. Bravo Carrie Ann!

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“Me and My Blog”- Workshop on June 22rd

Bring your laptop and your WordPress Blog. Have fun and leave your fear at the door. Come play while you build your business.

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