Here are all of the products available from High Performance Advocates.

The Book: The Key to the Golden Handcuffs

A primer that will take you through the history of punk rock Mordam Records and the record business that sets the stage for creating and communicating your vision, getting beyond delegation, the seven principles of alignment, understanding and implementing High Performance, creating performance expectations, understanding critical numbers in your business, opening the books, creating compensation plans and building a transparent company.

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The Five Disc Audio Program: The Key to the Golden Handcuffs

The big picture overview
Shifting from manager to leader.
Creating communication systems
Developing team alignment and High Performance
Opening your books and creating a scalable profit model that ties compensation to the profitability of your business.
The set includes access to workbook downloads.

Available now:

One on One Coaching: Bi-Monthly leadership coaching sessions by phone or Skype to focus on your personal development and the development of your business. Set your own needs as you move toward your goals. Two LIVE monthly, one hour coaching calls with Ruth for $350 or six months for $1995.

Leadership Coaching

Mastermind Groups: Meet monthly with other executives who are involved in the same process as you. Get the added value of many minds to problem solve, give feedback, ideas and encouragement. Create your own top level team and move toward your goals faster. $200 per month when added to a coaching package.
Leadership Mastermind

ROI: What is the cost of doing nothing? What is the cost of low profits, high turn over, low morale, and your sanity? The cost? Too much!

You can hire high priced consultants to tell you what to do in your business to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. They will tell you how to create operational and financial systems, and those systems are important, but they won’t solve your problems. Why? Because you are the problem. Until you understand how your leadership role affects your organization, nothing will change.

You can spend years in therapy to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars but you will not gain the insight of how other people want to be treated in your business nor address your company’s profitability.

You can attend leadership workshops and retreats for thousands of dollars each and while inspiring and motivational, when you go home, you will revert to your old, comfortable behaviors.

The Six Month Golden Handcuff Quick Start Program:

Combine learning, practice, coaching, mastermind and accountability to assure results. In addition, get the book, the audio set, workbooks, monthly newsletter. The whole six month package as an introductory offer is now only $2995. (Or six ACH payments of $495.)

Six Month Quick Start

Sign up now and receive a monthly free ebook on such subjects as:

Building Games
Managing Your Energy
Setting up a Blog
Developing a Hiring System
Setting up compensation systems
Talking about the Big Decisions
Setting up an Affiliate Program
Leadership Best Practices
Having a Meeting about Meetings