Three Vital Lessons from the Millennial Generation
Each generation teaches us something new & potentially irritating.

This is the cycle of life: each generation teaching us something new and potentially irritating. I say, embrace it! Embrace each other. Get all the good we can, and stop complaining. Look around, find a kid, and embrace A Pesky Millennial . . .

This article originally appeared as a guest post for Switch and Shift.

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Here are the three big ideas that we can learn from Millennials:

Teach Me

Bring back apprenticeship. Develop a real-life, in-depth, meaningful training program, and you’ll see surprising dedication.

Will Work for Vision

Those companies that keep people longer, get more dedication, and develop a seamless employee pipeline are the ones that have been able to clarify and communicate a world-changing mission and vision. The bigger the purpose, the better. Make it real, and make it big enough to capture hearts and minds.

We Are a Tribe

Collaboration, cooperation, and connection are the new normal. If you are not creating these qualities in your business, you are destroying the tribe. The truly beautiful thing is that These Pesky Millennials are demanding our humanness. Even in a virtual environment, we can see the vital importance of the tribe.

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Ruth Schwartz

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