High Performance is where every person within an organization is a contributing partner in the business.

In traditional organizations, managers set goals and policies, and control the information. Managers are the thinkers and planners while the employees are the doers.

For employees, this sets up an attitude of compliance. As a result, they do the minimum required to get a paycheck. The old way prevents open communication. The new way aligns everyone to their best contribution.

Do you want all the employees in your organization to be fully engaged in your organization?

Watch as Business Coach, Ruth Schwartz, explains what High Performance is all about:

High performance organizations create a culture in which all people participate in goal setting, decision making, and problem solving.  When this happens, employees are inspired to go beyond compliance to commitment.  People want to be a part of the organization and are excited to contribute to its success and improvement.  They feel valued for their contribution.

In order to make employees feel and act like partners in your business, they need:

  • Access to information.  Ask most employees and they will tell you they have no idea how or why decisions are made.  They know they would be better at their jobs and have the ability to meet their goals more reliably if only they had enough information.  Employees can’t act like partners when they are in the dark. Start implementing open book management today!
  • The ability to solve problems.  Allow employees to wholly possess the tradesman and manager roles—even if initially this means they make some mistakes.  Eventually, they will get it right and you will be free to be the business leader, the visionary, the designer, and business coach that they need to become successful.  Is High Performance Leadership Coaching right for you?
  • Meaningful involvement in making decisions.  Instead of getting your staff to “buy in,” which only means that you have made a decision and you want your staff to agree, get them to “weigh in,” ask questions, and resist the urge to do it alone.  Remember to let employees know they are valued and involved in making the decisions that impact them and the business.
  • Broad roles and responsibilities.  There is tremendous power in understanding how each person impacts the business and one another.  Allow each employee to be a meaningful team member who makes decisions and solves problems.  Knowing what everyone does and what their challenges are helps to have more imagination and understanding of individual roles and responsibilities.  Do you implement the objectives and skills into the hiring process?  Would you benefit from a hiring system?

If you apply these strategies to your business, you will soon see a shift in your employees’ performance, and a commitment to being a part of a team that is passionate about building the company’s success.

Need help getting started? As a high performance business coach, I can help you become the business leader you need to be to build and grow your company.  Sign up for a strategy session today!