If you are or want to be a leader, at any level of an organization or business, ask yourself these questions:

Do you have to:

  • Solve all of the problems?
  • Negotiate all the relationships?
  • Make all the creative decisions?
  • Manage every aspect of tasks?
  • Be physically present at all times?

If you answer yes to any of these, the remedy includes:

  • Build an environment that allows everyone to feel valued.
  • Make information readily available to everyone.
  • Broaden employee job responsibilities and honor their unique abilities.
  • Let your employees solve problems and make decisions that impact them and the business.
  • Tie compensation to the profitability of the company.
  • As a business leader, get clear about who are you, what you stand for, where are you going, and effectively communicate that vision with your team.

This is a follow up to Day 4 of the 30 Day Leadership Facebook Live Challenge when I talked about changing leadership roles to enable other people to be successful.

Let’s do a quick review:

The four principles of High Performance Leadership:

  1. Access to information
  2. Ability for everyone to solve problems
  3. Shared decision making
  4. Broad job descriptions (especially non-core work, management work.)

How to be a High Performance Leader

The transition from management to leadership takes time and practice, but it can be achieved through education, an understanding of the desired outcome, and the ability to follow three key steps:

  1. Balance Your Roles. A good leader has the ability to leave the technical work and the management of it exclusively to the team and at the same time give everyone an opportunity to develop both management and leadership skills.
  2. Get the Big Picture. The greatest value a leader can add is to focus more on the team than on the work. In other words, observe from the outside rather than get caught up in the day-to-day bustle.
  3. Make Your Team Your product. Your product as a leader is the team. It’s your job to make other people successful.

Day 5 is today ( Thursday) at 5pm PT. I think we’ll be talking about passion and purpose. Here is the PAGE

Ruth Schwartz

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