As a member you’ll belong to a TAB Peer Board made up of 8 to 10 local, non-competitive business owners. You’ll find the Board meetings a safe place to share confidential business concerns, get feedback from your peers and advice from your facilitators.

In conjunction with your Board membership you also receive private monthly executive business coaching.

With TAB you’ll make the time to work on your business, not just in it. You can deal with an emergency situation or plan your exit strategy. If you don’t have a business plan we’ll help you write one. If you have one we’ll help you implement it.

Board Meetings

Just four hours once a month- up to 10 non-competitive business owners
•    We bring together business owners to leverage knowledge and experience in a board setting.
•    It’s a safe environment, offering real world advice with real results.
•    It’s an amazing focus group for your decision making especially for marketing concepts.
•    It’s a powerful opportunity to work on your business and not be distracted by the constant clamoring of your time while working in your business.
•    Get a different perspective, improved decision making, focus on your critical issues, practical solutions, feedback, advice, ideas, professional development, and mutual accountability.
•    The board is going to help you make fewer bad decisions by asking questions and helping you clarify your thinking.
•    Members are not tied to your business, so the feedback is no-holds-barred, open and candid input on each member’s issues, which enables more effective operation and management of your business.
•    Develop connection with other industries. You will not be locked into your industry’s way of thinking.
•    An atmosphere where several minds, working in unison, can magnify thinking exponentially.
•     Strategic thinking and tactical action.

Coaching Sessions

We meet with each business owner one-on-one in a business coaching relationship.
•    During this time, there’s an opportunity to discuss the implementation of the strategies we have chosen.
•    We develop action plans to put into practice those goals and strategies you committed to.
•    Prioritize your goals, develop a focus, bring your partners and employees into to alignment, focus directly on your issues, and develop accountability.
•    There’s also an opportunity to focus on any key issues that need to be brought up for the next meeting, so the member always arrives prepared with the issues he/she wishes to present.
•    Your coach will become a trusted advisor, offering information, ideas and networking abilities.

Whatever your goals are, when you join TAB you will receive the tools, support and guidance to broaden your perspective, change your thinking, make better business decisions and take action.

We guarantee it!

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