We are stronger together than we are apart. Give yourself the gift of The Village in 2011.
What is The Village Prospers?

The Village Prospers is a weekly, 70-minute meeting of business owners each week. The information presented and discussed in each meeting will be reinforced by weekly handouts and assignments to guide you through the material. Each meeting will feature a live review of the assignments, new material, Q&A, and an open phone forum. You will have the opportunity to create a tight-knit group, working together though 90 days, and potentially staying together for more learning and open-forum coaching. Sign up now.

What kind of topics will be covered?
You will learn everything you need to know to create, re-create, or grow your business in 2011. Specific topics include: discovering and articulating your specific area of expertise, identifying and marketing to your ideal customer, examining the viability of your business model, differentiating between features and benefits and using them appropriately in marketing materials, and creating an organizational model that helps your business to thrive. Click here for more information about the monthly agenda.

How much does it cost?
Regular Prices:
$299.00 per month
$795.00   for 90 Days

What does the cost include?

The cost includes 4 meetings per month with the group, all materials, and expert open-forum business coaching for your specific situation.

How often do we meet?
The Village Prospers will meet on a weekly basis to develop a strong sense of community and to ensure continuity and results.

What is The Village Prospers Ongoing Practice?

After the initial 90-day period, The Village Prospers group members will have the opportunity to continue to receive open-forum coaching and meet with their peers on a weekly basis online instead of meeting each week in person. This peer advisory board will explore new topics not covered in the original 90-day The Village Prospers meetings. The group will address new business challenges in a safe, supportive environment and business owners will leverage the power of the group to grow their businesses.

How much does The Village Prospers Ongoing Practice cost?
Regular Prices:
$1800   for Six Months

Who is Ruth Schwartz?
Ruth is a certified coach and facilitator with The Alternative Board (business peer advisory boards) and owns the management development and marketing company High Performance Advocates. Ruth has decades of hands on experience in sales, operations and creating high performing teams in a variety of industries including publishing, retail, and radio. She spent 23 years operating her own $10 million wholesale distribution business, Mordam Records, Inc.
Unlike other consultants, Ruth is the only facilitator and business coach in the Sierra Foothills that has grown her own multi-million dollar business from infancy to maturity, and knows first- hand the flexibility and fortitude that it demands.