I lied. I have a goal.

I have a dumb business coaching test that I have promised myself I would take for three years running. And then, I lost my confidence.

Turns out that they are changing the rules come April 1. I need to take the test before that or suffer significant changes in my qualifications. What? Confidence returning.

This is where you come in.

business coaching
Help me for a chance to win a free business coaching session!

I need to coach and record two practice business coaching sessions. If you send me a description of your business dream for 2014, I will pick two for a free business coaching session. All I request is that I can record the session on the phone.

I get my confidence and you get free coaching!

To inspiration for your goals!


Ruth Schwartz

Ruth Schwartz is the author of "The Key to the Golden Handcuffs". She is a high performance business consultant and leadership coach. Connect with Ruth to participate in the conversation. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube .