Being in the middle of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula requires me to do some market research. I was going to just pass that by in my quest to keep up with the program. And because market research is an enormous project that has been staring at me for the last couple of weeks. I stopped to do the project today because I understand its value. Besides, I often tell clients to do it. I will do it too.

Here is what I have to study: Top 10 Experts in my Market. Top 10 Blogs in my market. Top Products, positioning, personalities, prices, etc. I’ll come back and report when I have more clarity.

The reason for this post is that I found LOTS of men. In fact, the top 10s were ALL men. I’m looking at leadership experts, btw. Where are the women?  I know they are here. Possibly it is just SEO?

In the meantime, check out this website: Truly Amazing Women . com

I could spend all day here.



Ruth Schwartz

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