In this blog, I made TTI’s article Not All DISCs Are Created Equal available for you to read. Did you read the whole article? I thought not. That is why I’m pulling out some of the most fascinating material that you can use today in your business.

Here is the big idea:

“Our work with brain imaging has identified how important avoidance, or what you do not want, is in decision-making. …In the process, we have identified “words that don’t work” and how these terms can become triggers for failed interactions between virtually any parties. Below is a list (sic) showing behavioral styles and sample words that may trigger acceptance or rejection by that style.”

Look at this image:

Testing the validity of the assessment with brain scans

“The brain’s response to the words is represented using a range of color between blue (representing least intense thought) and red (representing most intense thought). Well-researched and documented asymmetry in the frontal lobes depicts acceptance of a concept occurring on the left side and avoidance of a concept occurring on the right side. As an example, a strong avoidance can be seen to the concept of being “careful, calculating.”

The upshot:

By using a DISC assessment, you will articulate your behavior style. With brain scan technology we can acually see our brain assisting or resisting. <Tweet This>  Isn’t that cool? They are testing the validity of the assessment with brain scans!

That is how this assessment will definitively give you: WORDS THAT DON’T WORK.

High C

  • Clever
  • Educated Guess
  • Experimental

High D

  • Frequent Interruptions
  • Follow Directions
  • In My Opinion

High S

  • Substantial Change
  • Innovative
  • Play to Win

High I

  • The Same for Everyone
  • Sophisticated
  • Requires Study

How you can use this today?

When you know your own or your coworker’s behavior style, you can impact their brain activity by the use of words. You want to create a good result with them? Avoid these words. Want to piss them off? Well, you know just what to say.

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Ruth Schwartz

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