Labor Day 2017 and Jobs Still Suck!

This is follow up to Day 7 of the 30 Day Leadership Facebook Live Challenge on Labor Day. Labor Day is the celebration of the birth of Labor Unions and the Industrial Revolution.  After all, without Labor Unions we wouldn’t have weekends or the 5 day work week. People would continue to be exploited in inexplicable ways.  But it is time to transcend to a better life for everyone.

This is not the Industrial Age or even the Information Age anymore. We are living in the Conceptual Age.  That is why it is time to create a new vision. Here is what I imagine:

Imagine a world where:

  • Every person becomes a contributing partner to the organizations they serve.
  • Every person is compensated as a contributing partner and the results they create rather than their time served.
  • Compensation is based on the profitability of the organization.
  • Together we uniquely design our organizations.
  • The need to comply with laws created in the early 20th century to protect employees from employers becomes obsolete.
  • The war between capital and labor disappears. (Finally)

People, businesses, entrepreneurs, government, non-profits, all manner of  organizations are quietly revolting as we speak. It is happening all around us. For more about the Work Revolution, here are the links mentioned in the video. Let me know if you want to create a conceptual organization where people are not a resource but the reason to exist. I live for this. Viva la Revolution.

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Ruth Schwartz

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